Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Day of Kindergarten


I couldn't have asked for a better year for E She had such a wonderful teacher- Miss W really loved the kids, was enthusiastic, motivated, committed and sensitive. She really was the key to making this first year of school a success. E got along with everyone in her class, and made many new friends, but it was special to see her solidify her friendship with Kyra. The two girls became "best" friends through the year, looking out for each other and being sensitive to the other's needs. In fact their teacher would have the girls sit together on days that one or the other was having a rough day, and they would comfort and cheer each other up. I am so thankful that E could have a friend like that, especially starting at this young age.


I was apprehensive at the start of kindergarten, sending her off on a full day seemed like such a big step, and she seemed so little. But I have been reassured throughout the year at the excellent education she is getting, as well as the assurance that this is right for her, and our family at this time. I was struck at the school fair at the number of people I knew there, from different circles (neighborhood, soccer, dance, as well as school). It was exactly what I had hoped would happen when we put E in public school-- that we would be a part of the community, getting to know and be involved in our neighbors' lives. As these relationships grow and we develop new friendships through the years, I am confident that God will use us in this community to draw others to him.

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