Thursday, April 30, 2009

No words

Right now I have no words to express the pain we are all experiencing collectively, as well as for myself, individually. Instead, let me direct you, once again, to my brother's post-- it is beautiful.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The beginning of the end...

It's been a long 6 1/2 years as my Dad has fought his battle with Multiple Myeloma. This past winter has been especially hard on him, and he has been weak for awhile, but the rapid decline we have witnessed in the past few days has been different. My sisters and brother were coming into town so that we could celebrate my parents' 25th wedding anniversary this weekend. Although their true anniversary isn't until the end of June, we decided a couple of months ago to celebrate it now since the out of town siblings were planning a visit anyway. Last Friday afternooon my brother Andrew, his wife Erin, and Mom took Dad down to the ER because he had become increasingly disoriented and was experiencing tremors and choking. Once he was admitted, our weekend plans shifted from a celebration at their home, to the hospital room. We all gathered around and shared memories from the past 25 years while Dad lay in the midst of it, eyes open and looking at us, but not talking or responding. By Sunday his physical state had further deteriorated, and his eyes were closed and he didn't really respond at all. This morning the decision was made to move him to hospice, and all the "kids" gathered at HUP. We took turns crying, talking to Dad, and holding his hand, as well as just talking about plans for the next few days. It was heartbreaking, and exhausting, and I can't even write down what I feel right now because my head just aches with tears- both shed and unshed. I don't know how quickly or slowly this will go, but it is hard to believe that he won't be with us soon. I know it has been years since his diagnosis, and this is a day we have dreaded, but now that it is almost here, it is still uncomprehensible. For now we pray and wait.

**For a more detailed medical description, you can read his blog

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday K!

Dear KK,
This year you have done so much. You have gone from a crawling baby
to a baby learning to walk,
to a full-fledged "toddler", leaving your own tiny footprints on the world.

We loved to see you develop your own special likes:



and baby dolls

As well as your dislikes:


and being told "no".

Ever since you were a tiny baby, we knew you had a big personality:

whether you were hamming it up,

squealing in delight
pitching a fit
or asserting your will,

you have always been our one and only KK
We have laughed at your crazy morning hairdo's,

been warmed by your kisses,

and charmed by your smiles.

We love you little one!

Happy Birthday "Baby" Girl!

Race Car Birthday

Although it was a week later than expected, N had his birthday party today. This year he decided to have a race car theme, so I started preparing a couple of weeks ago. First I got 4 boxes from the grocery store and cut them so they would look like cars.
Then I spray painted each one a different color.

Then came the fun part- docorating! I spray painted numbers on each car, added headlights, tail lights, and a grill.

I cut out decorations for each car and then named them.

They were finally ready to go! This morning when the boys arrived, we started off with painting wooden race cars.

Once they were finished that, we handed out racing caps, divided them into teams of two, and went out to the race track set up in the backyard.

The boys were supposed to run half a lap to a partner who "changed" the velcro wheels at the pit stop, and then run back to the beginning where they switched places. We did a practice race first, so that everyone was clear on the directions, and then we had the real race! The boys had a fun time, even if the cars kind of fell apart and the wind was blowing spare tires across the yard.

After the race, we had an awards ceremony where everyone got a trophy, which was a huge hit.

Then it was inside for cake. Since N is GF, we made him an individual race car cake, and then ordered a cake from the grocery store for the rest of the guests.

We finished off the party with opening presents, and then the boys played until their parents came to pick them up.
As usual, we had a great time, but man, these parties are exhausting!