Saturday, February 26, 2005

Baby Elijah

OK, so I opened an email from Xanga today, and lo an behold I discovered that I had subscribers! I couldn't believe it. I was so embarrassed-- my cheeks were actually hot. I guess I never expected anyone to read what I wrote ( I know, that's kind of the whole point of this blog thing). I thought I could quietly log on and read others entries without them coming to mine. Or at least hone my writing skills for a couple of months in expectation of future subscribers. Now I feel a ton of pressure to perform, and write entries that are interesting/deep/ funny!! Just a little disclaimer-- I am not Catherine of the "Ben and Birdy" journals (on That being said, enjoy the little pieces of my life that you find within these pages.

Anyway, today I went to visit my sister, Sandy, and her new baby, Elijah in the hospital. It always gives me a rush of excitement to walk onto the maternity floor. The newborn cries coming from behind partially closed doors, glimpses of recovering mothers, proud fathers, balloons, flowers, and even familiar nurses from my own 2 stays bring back a rush of memories. Memories that on one hand remind me why I don't want to be pregnant again for a little while, but also bring a little leap of anticipation for the next time I give birth. Walking into Sandy's room, seeing her on the bed nursing the baby, looking tired, but also so happy, was wonderful.

Little Elijah has dark hair and full round cheeks. I am told he also has rolls on his legs(which I personally love on a baby). He weighed 9 lbs, 1 ounce at birth so he is one "big" guy. He looked around with wide eyes, taking everything in. I didn't stay for long, just enough time to say hello and hold the baby. I must admit, when he started crying (that very distinct new-born wail) it was nice to hand him back to his mom, and then say good bye. It was equally nice, or even more so, to go home to my children and breathe a sigh of relief that I don't have a newborn, at least not again for a little while.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Day 1 of the babysitting. All seemed to be going smoothly at first. Erika and Peter arrived at 8:15 a.m. Erika was asleep in her carseat and stayed there, sleeping until 11:15. E and Peter played happily all morning, and N went down for a nap at 9 until 10:30. He nursed when he got up and played happily on the floor. My mom came over to deliver Valentines around 11, and so she was here when Erika woke up. I was in the middle of changing N's diaper so she picked up Erika and brought her downstairs and then I fixed her a bottle.

E asked to feed Erika, so I let her hold the baby and start feeding, and then I took over after a minute. As I fed Erika, N reached out to me and started fussing, so I got down on the floor to be close to him. After Erika seemed to be finished (more formula seemed to be going out of her mouth than in) my friend Amy showed up with her twins to give E a Valentine. She didn't stay long, just long enough to give me a sympathetic look before she left, as I sat on the living room floor surrounded by toys, children and dog.

It was now 12:00 and I thought it would be a good time to serve lunch. After lunch, around 1:00, the babies seemed ready for a nap. They had both started fussing. First I changed Peter's diaper, then Erika's. Then I put Erika in bed, then N, and then Peter. I was hoping for a peaceful couple of hours (E is watching Veggie Tales), but Erika will not stop fussing. I think it is because she is not used to the pack and play, and/or falling asleep on her own. It doesn't really matter--either way she has to learn to fall asleep at nap time. I am not a 'rock your baby to sleep' kind of mom. A bottle might help as well, but I think she will just use it as a sleep aid-- fall asleep one ounce in, so I can't really do that. I think I have to just wait it out and when she wakes up she'll be super hungry and ready to take a full bottle. Hopefully that will be soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ever since E's birthday (3 weeks ago) she likes to turn everything into a present. By this I mean, she likes to take ordinary objects from around the house and wrap them up in a doll's blanket or cloth handkerchief and tie it with a ribbon. You then have to open the present immediately and express gratitude for the book/cup/headband that is enclosed inside. As I was checking my email she came into our room and started playing with the office supplies. She then handed me a "present" which was wrapped in a pink placemat. "Here you go Mommy! Happy Birthday!" I opened it and it was a piece of post-it paper with 4 mini clips attached to each side and 3 rubberbands wrapped around the middle. Very symmetrical. I asked her what it was. "A wittle...a wittle...see (she removes the clips and rubberbands) it's a paper you can write on." Yes, I see, very useful in an office supply-sculpture kind of way.