Thursday, April 27, 2006

big plans

As you may recall, Ed has been in Chicago weekly, since we moved at the beginning of March. It is now approaching May, and he flew out today, and won't return until next Thursday. Tomorrow I will be dropping off the kids with Ed's parents, and I will then fly out to meet in Ed in Chicago. We will get a chance to spend some time with my brother, Andrew, and his wife Erin on Saturday. We are really looking forward to this time together, especially since the last time we went away was when E was one. I am a little nervous about leaving N, as he is still a little unpredictable and it takes a practiced ear to understand him. But I am sure that his big sister will be a big help, and give him comfort as well. So anyway, I am off to pack and write out detailed instructions for the kids' care.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

walking with N

We love to go for walks around our block. E runs ahead, holding onto the dog's leash, N and I follow behind. I am treated to a running commentary on every part of the walk. It goes a little like this:

N squats next to a puddle, and sticks a hand in."Wet?! Wet?!"

"Yes, that is wet."

He turns to the sidewalk and touches it. "Die?! Die?!"

"That's right, it's dry."

The next minute or so is spent with N alternately pointing to the sidewalk and the puddles as he proclaims them wet or dry.

Then his attention is pulled to a barking dog. "Doggy?! Doggy?!"

"I see"

"Woof, woof, woof"

"That's right, a dog says 'woof'"

And so it goes. N exclaiming in a loud question/statement everything that catches his eye, from "wis" (dandelion wishes) to "copter" (helicopter). He walks along, his head down, arms pumping, little feet slapping the sidewalk. Sometimes he'll stop and when I say "Come on, N, let's go!" He'll smile, pause a second and then say,"Two, Fee...GO!" and take off with a start.

Inevitably, between 75 and 85% of the way around he will stop and turn to me."Hol-shou, hol-shou!" (Hold you) and I need to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way. Of course he wants to walk the last bit as we cross the street to our driveway, but, resists holding my hand so I end up gripping his fingers and fighting with him all the way across the street. But once home, and set free, he happily runs down the driveway announcing, "No-ah house? No-ah house?"

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter '06

  • Easter Eve- before going to the grandparents

    "N, hold my doll's hand"


    Easter Day- with cousin Elijah

    N and his ever-present "baby"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Zoo trip

We did get to go to the zoo yesterday, with our friends Rachel and Bridger. It was a gorgeous, perfect day for the zoo. Sunny, slightly breezy, warm, and not too crowded. We arrived just as the zoo was opening, around 10 am. We first saw the hippos swimming and the tortoises eating lettuce (funny story- I was holding N up to get a look, and said,"See the turtles?". A 9 year old boy who was standing next to me turned to me and said, with a touch of disdain, "They're tortoises".) Then we went through the monkey house, a personal favorite. I think I could sit and watch those squirrel monkeys all day, or at least longer than a toddler's attention span allowed. We walked through the rest of the zoo, and finished up with a picnic lunch before heading home for naps.


We originally became members when E was 1, and kept it for 3 years, letting it lapse this past year. I love being able to go for 1/2 a day, and go home without feeling guilty for not seeing everything. They also have special members only events throughout the year that we took advantage of, like Boo at the Zoo (kids come dressed in costumes and they can trick or treat at special stations), extended morning or evening hours, opening day of new exhibits with music, crafts and freebies. So we are picking up our membership again this year, and can take guests as well. Let me know if you want to plan a zoo trip some time!

E listening to the story with her zoo key.

E, Bridger and N on the hippo statues (chicken in the dirt on the left)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Break

It feels almost luxurious to be on "spring break". There is no running out at 8 am to pick up the kids, dropping some off at school, then coming around to pick them up again at noon. Lunch for 4, naptime, playtime, pick-up and then dinner.

Instead, I get to set the schedule for the day with only my 2 kids to worry about. Today I went to the gym, and then home for a shower. Afterward, I packed up a bag of snacks and headed out for some stores nearby I have been wanting to check out. We then hit the mall for lunch and window shopping. Then back home, where I put an already-asleep N into his crib for a (late) afternoon nap. It felt like such a guilty pleasure to not have to watch the clock, to have only 2 kids, to be able go to the mall mid week, mid morning. I might even take a mid-week trip to the zoo--anyone want to join me??