Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring Break

It feels almost luxurious to be on "spring break". There is no running out at 8 am to pick up the kids, dropping some off at school, then coming around to pick them up again at noon. Lunch for 4, naptime, playtime, pick-up and then dinner.

Instead, I get to set the schedule for the day with only my 2 kids to worry about. Today I went to the gym, and then home for a shower. Afterward, I packed up a bag of snacks and headed out for some stores nearby I have been wanting to check out. We then hit the mall for lunch and window shopping. Then back home, where I put an already-asleep N into his crib for a (late) afternoon nap. It felt like such a guilty pleasure to not have to watch the clock, to have only 2 kids, to be able go to the mall mid week, mid morning. I might even take a mid-week trip to the zoo--anyone want to join me??

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