Friday, March 31, 2006

Mid-night Musings..."Giftedness"

Let me start by defining gifted, as something someone does that is above average, that they are good at, and it comes easily to them, a skill that God gave them. I think that God must have gifted people with things from every facet of the human experience. Beyond the "normal" things you may think of when thinking of gifts (athletic, intellectual, artistic, musical, etc.). Like for example, giving wise words of counsel, retelling a story, making funny jokes, being a good conversationalist, being able to add crazy big numbers in your head, any and every variety of things (all things I am not gifted in).

I think it has always been easier for me to see others' gifts, but not my own. Like, I can name any number of gifts for my friends, but am hard pressed to name my own. This might be because when something is easy for me, I assume that it is easy for everyone else, so it is not a gift. Kind of like eating-- everyone can do it, so the actual act of moving food into your mouth and digesting it is a common thing that most people can do. But even here, within the area of eating there can be giftedness. Someone can have a really developed palette, and taste buds, or really good digestion, or exceptionally sharp teeth that do an excellent job of grinding food. I know, a little funny, and it may seem absurd to take this idea this far, but still, I think it is true. Every part of being human, someone, somewhere, is "gifted" at it.

So having thought about this, I was thinking about other ways people are gifted, that is not what people usually consider when thinking of their gifts. I think I am gifted with being able to copy cartoon/simple (2D) figures. I have always been able to look at a picture of something and draw it. I remember being about 7 and drawing a picture of Bert and Ernie that I copied from a placemat, and being asked if I traced it (even now, thinking of this, I am wondering can everyone do this?). But this gift does not extend to human faces-- can't do that very well.

So, I guess my question is, what weird, or not so weird way, have you been gifted?

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