Monday, March 6, 2006

"That, owie! That, owie!"

What is going on here? What happened to N to make him cry like that? Did he cut himself, bump his arm, fall down?

No, nothing that dramatic. It is just a tattoo. That's right. All of this for a little tattoo. E has always loved tattoos, and he watched with great interest as I put one on her arm. I asked if he wanted one too, and he nodded yes. All was fine until the tatoo was revealed. Then he started to whimper. I pulled his sleeve down, hoping that he'd forget, and move on, but he just worked himself up. Pulling on his sleeve, "That, owie! That, owie!" I pulled back his sleeve,"Look N, it's a tattoo! Just like E's! Isn't it cool? Why don't you show Daddy?" More tears, great heaving sobs, wails, "That Owie!" That Owie" So I ended up scrubbing it off, and Noah never recovered. Shortly after this picture was taken I had to put him to bed, still sobbing.

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