Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ever since E's birthday (3 weeks ago) she likes to turn everything into a present. By this I mean, she likes to take ordinary objects from around the house and wrap them up in a doll's blanket or cloth handkerchief and tie it with a ribbon. You then have to open the present immediately and express gratitude for the book/cup/headband that is enclosed inside. As I was checking my email she came into our room and started playing with the office supplies. She then handed me a "present" which was wrapped in a pink placemat. "Here you go Mommy! Happy Birthday!" I opened it and it was a piece of post-it paper with 4 mini clips attached to each side and 3 rubberbands wrapped around the middle. Very symmetrical. I asked her what it was. "A wittle...a wittle...see (she removes the clips and rubberbands) it's a paper you can write on." Yes, I see, very useful in an office supply-sculpture kind of way.

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