Thursday, December 13, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Incredible

This reporter was granted an interview with the elusive superhero who goes by the name of "Mr. Incredible". The interview was a little difficult to conduct, since Mr. Incredible was zooming around the room, in a Super Speedy way, complete with sound effects.

What is your name?
Mr. Incredible.
What are your superpowers?
Like, um, I carry my house.
Then what do you do with it?
I put it right here. It doesn't hurt my h
and though, because I am a superguy.
What else can you do?
I don't know, what else am I going to do, for my superpowers?
Can you run really fast, or fly?
Yeah!! (pushes button on shirt and takes off
around the kitchen- dining room -living room for 3 laps)

Is there anyone faster than you?
Yeah, Ellie is.
Who's your favorite superhero?
Erf Ace! (Earth Ace) He flies on that board. Ok, bye-bye now.

I am hoping that Mr. Incredible will be able to locate N, as he has been missing for the past couple of days.

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