Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Dear 3,

This is going to be a big year in your life. In a couple of weeks you will become a big sister! I know, it will be hard not to have Mommy all to yourself anymore, but you were made to be a big sister. Enjoy being the oldest, and make sure that you help Mommy out. She is going to need you to be her big girl this next year. Make sure you give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell her that you love her.


P.S. When that little girl tries to take the block from you, for goodness sakes, LET HER HAVE IT! And if you decide you can't give it up with out a fight, at least let the doctor numb you before he starts stitching your chin.

Dear 6,

Wow! You are almost done with kindergarten! Even if the teacher had to drag you down the hall screaming the first day, I must say that you have had a great year. Don't worry so much about your Mommy. Jesus has her and your family in his hand. He will provide.


Dear 9,

In a couple of months you will become a "little" sister. I know, you will always think of yourself as the oldest child, but try to enjoy the benefits of being a younger child in the family. I know it is hard to think of Roger as your dad, but give him a chance. He won't steal your Mom's love from you, instead you will be loved twice as much. And he has already done so much to show you that he loves you like teaching you to ride a bike, and how to swim. He will be an earthly example to you of your Heavenly Father.


P.S. I know you want to be like your new sisters, but DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR!!

P.P. S. Whatever else you do, when you get a compliment on your "wedding" dress, accept it graciously. Trust me. You will never live it down if you don't.

Dear 12,

You are almost done your last year in elementary school. I know you can't wait to go to middle school but, enjoy these last few months. I need to warn you that these next couple of years will be very difficult. At times you will feel ugly, unloved and friendless. Don't worry about what those girls at school say about your clothes and your body. Don't let it get to you. I know, it's hard for you, but it is true that you are teased more because of the reactions that you give. Act like you don't care, and eventually they will give it up. Focus on the friendships that will last. Let me give you a hint. Their
initials are JW and SS.


Dear 15,

Whew! Aren't you glad that middle school is over? And that you finally need a bra, and don't just wear it to fit in? Enjoy the B cups. They won't be yours for long, and you will want them back. Have fun wearing cute tank tops and dresses. And I know that the style is baggy, but really, boxer shorts don't flatter
anyone. Also, sooner, rather than later would be a good time to get those contact lenses.

I know that you are having a hard time with your super-athletic sisters. I give you a lot of credit for sticking it in there for the long practices even when you don't get much play time in the games. Just enjoy the exercise and the
camaraderie of being on a team. I know, I know, you hate to run but it really is good for you. Just consider your coach a free trainer.

And I know that you don't feel your academic skills are a gift in the face of the glory of athletics, but it is. Use this time in school wisely. Study hard, don't cram and procrastinate. 18 years from now, no one will care if you scored a goal against
Delco, but the joy you get from reading a good book will be yours throughout your life.

Also, stop it with the boys. You don't need a boyfriend to be complete or loved. Your future husband is out there, waiting for you. You won't meet him in high school, so don't fret about your lack of a boyfriend now. Just have fun with the guys. Take it easy, don't chase, instead chose to be chased. And if you aren't, no big deal. Your time will come, and building a resume of "experience" really isn't necessary.


P.S. When your family gets a kitten this summer, offer to be the one who holds it while giving it a bath. You will save your mom a lifetime of pain.

Dear 18,

High School Senior! Whoo-hoo! In a couple of months you off to college. But first, let's talk about the prom. I know you have dreamed of going to the prom with "Prince Charming", but we have to face it, that is not in the cards. Adam is not a good substitute for the Prince. The relationship with him might make you feel good these next couple of months, but you don't really need it. You have gone this far without a boyfriend (well, almost, if you don't count the last couple of months with Matt). You can make it the rest of Senior year without one. Why don't you ask that friend you have been hoping will ask you? If he says no, it's no big deal, and you won't have to spend the rest of your life wondering "what if". If he says yes, you can have a great time together, no strings attached.

I know, these are exciting times. Use your time at college wisely. You will make some life long friends in the next year, as well as (drum roll, please) meet your future husband!! I envy these next few years of yours. You will never be this free from real responsibility again. I have a little bit of advice-- look for an upperclassman named Angel at the street dance and introduce yourself. It will save you a lot of feeling left out by so-called friends the first couple months of school, and you'll get to jump ahead to the true friendships (stock up on lemonade and ramen noodles).


Dear 21,

See? I told you that your husband was waiting for you! Now you will be married in 3 months time. Can you believe it? I still can't. I know it may be a little late to change, but see if Katherine and Sandy will be in your wedding as well. It will make the wedding party huge, but you will thank me. Enjoy these first few years of marriage. You won't have much, but you will be very happy. I still think fondly on those days on Garden Ave. in Grove City.


Dear 24,

I know the heartache you are having as you try to conceive your first child. It is hard to say, but you aren't near the end of this road yet. But have faith, you will be a mother, but it will be the Lord's timing, just like with the boyfriend. You will experience much sadness but the sweetness and joy of holding your baby for the first time will be yours as well. Trust the Lord and his plan for your life. And as for now, enjoy sleeping in, eating out, and time with Ed. You truly will wish for these things in a few years.


Dear 27,

This is going to be one of the best years of your life. You have all of your grandparents still, as well as good friends, and of course you finally have your heart's desire, your sweet little girl. She is the cutest little toddler, kiss those chubby cheeks for me! You live near your best friend, truly cherish these days you have with Jess, Jay and Gray. Life circumstances change, and I want you to brace yourself, because next year will be one of the hardest years of your life. You will get through it, but you will be a changed by it.


Dear 30,

Ah, the big 3-0! I know, sadly, no one will throw a party for you-surprise or otherwise. You will have to cross your fingers for the big 4-0. (40, did you have any luck?) You now how a 4 year old girl and 1 year old boy, and you are babysitting your niece and nephew full time. Yes, your hands are full, but I know you love it. You have also made several very good friends these past couple of years. The Lord has richly blessed you, as you cried out to him in your loneliness and pain he heard you and answered you. I just have one piece of advice. KEEP EXERCISING and LAY OFF THE DOVE CHOCOLATE! Please. I beg you.


Dear 66,

How is life? If you could be so kind as to send me my birthday letters now, I would so appreciate it. You know, how are the next 33 years going to be?


Dear 33,

Um. I just wish I had your body right now. Your knees don't creak, and your joints don't ache. You do need to exercise more, and eat better, but still. You are so young! (you think you are grey now? you haven't seen anything yet!) My advice is this- stay out of the sun and slather on the sunscreen. I will thank you. Tell your parents you love them every chance you get. Give Dappie and Nana a kiss for me. And get off that computer! Your kids will never be this young again. Give that sweet baby a squeeze for me, wrestle with the boy, and hug your girl tight. Before long they will be grown and gone, living their lives. But don't worry, you have some sweet grandchildren coming your way to give you your fill of hugs and kisses. Now shoo! Go! Get off the computer! Live your life!

Love ,


Becky said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and a very blessed year ahead.

Becky, Bill and Aubrey

EEEEMommy said...

Happy Birthday! I absolutely love, love, loved this post! I know you're not surprised that it made me cry! ;)

And now I'm going to listen to 66! :)

Have a great day!

partlycloudypilgrim said...

I consider this my birthday gift.
Hope you had a happy one old lady -
despite dinner with five kids!

This is wonderful -

occupation: mommy said...

Happy birthday! I just loved this post.

JoshHan said...

Wow, happy birthday! I must say that was a very personal and creative post. Thank you.

P.S. You sure are getting old, fast. ;)