Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflections

Whew!! It has been an exciting election- from the fight to win the primaries, to the conventions and debates, and then the final stretch in which each party did their best to squeeze out every possible vote. And of course the comic relief of SNL skits that brought a little levity to the whole race (even if some skits did go too far). It has been a great time to be an American, and to play a part, however minor, in history.

As you know, my vote was for Mc Cain, but I have to admit I am a little bit relieved that Obama won. After being on the defensive for so many years, listening to the insults, as well as the ranting and complaining of those who have been so unhappy with Bush, it is kind of nice to get out of the hot seat. I think it is great we have two choices, and that one party doesn't run it all, or has to carry the burden itself. It's what having a democracy is all about, and like we teach our kids, it's nice to take turns. I realize I am being a bit simplistic here, but I also think there is truth in that. The USA isn't made up of all republicans or democrats, and it is healthy that both sides get a chance at being in charge, so that all the citizens get heard.

It will be interesting to watch what happens these next four years, and if all the hopes and dreams pinned on Obama are fulfilled. If nothing else, at least one will be- the dream to get the first black man elected to President. I sincerely think that is awesome, and am happy for him, and what this historic election did for our country.

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