Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

(Sorry for the picture laden, fluff-post. I just wanted to get something down on my blog since I haven't been very good about posting lately)

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day. After a week of rain, it was such a relief to have a sun-drenched weekend. Yesterday we went to flea markets, and scored a cool marble run. E and I then went shopping for Ed's birthday, which is on Tuesday. After K's nap the kids and I took advantage of Friendly's free cones. Then after a dinner on the patio, we went to the Kid's Castle.

Today we had some relatives over for pizza after church. My Aunt Joanie was visiting from NH, and so we all wanted to get together with her. Included in our afternoon was most of the Marsh family, my grandfather and Jane, my mom, Joe and Sandy and their kids, and Cara. We spent several hours enjoying the beautiful weather sitting under the trees.

After everyone left, the kids still wanted to be outside so we dusted off the bikes, and went for a ride. KK was super excited saying, "KK's bike? KK's bike?". N and E were also ready to be out on the road again.

When we had done several laps, we came back and hung out in the hammock.

E took this picture of me and KK
"Big Sister" and "Little Sister"

My 3 kiddos - I love how KK likes to imitate her sister and brother.

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Becky said...

I love that last picture. Isn't it cute that at this age the little ones are imitating everything?!