Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ellie's Gallery

E loves art. Her favorite thing to do is crafts--drawing, coloring, beads, gluing, cutting, and especially painting (because it is so rare). If she had her way, she would do them all day long. Unfortunately, I can't, so she resorts to the craft cupboard where she has a stash of supplies. Here are a couple of her more recent pictures. Sorry about the quality of some of them-- the scanner and computer didn't really translate them well.

January 2005- Thank-you note for birthday gifts

March 2005 (she had an obsession with drawing ladders--note the one in the last flower)

April 10, 2005 N, Mommy, and E with Holly and "monkey table"--("I know we don't have a monkey table, but I just wanted to draw one")

April 10, 2005 ( on the back of the last picture) A house, 4 flowers, cake ("It's the flowers' birthday"), and 2 tall palm like trees

April 2005 Cheetah and Dumbo

April 2005 E in the rain with Hello Kitty umbrella (note the 2 lone raindrops in upper right hand corner)

April 2005 E with sun, moon, and stars

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