Tuesday, July 12, 2005

15 Months

N just had his 15 month check up. Here are his stats: 28 1/4 inches long (2nd%), 21 pounds (10th%), head circumference 18 1/4 inches (63rd %). He is saying several words now. In addition to Mama, Dada, Ba-Ba (Bye-bye), he has added "Tck,tck,tck" (tickle-tickle, complete with fingers scrabbling all over his own belly), "Baa" (ball) and just this morning, "Woo" (Woof, as in "what does the doggy say?").

He is climbing up and down things- stairs, chairs, the rocking horse. Walking with our help, although hasn't graduated to the one-hand walk. And of course, crawling everywhere, always on the go.

Yesterday we had an in-home evaluation to see if he would be eligible for some county funded physical therapy. Four women came to our house and stayed for about 40 minutes to watch him play and interact. They were very pleased with what they saw. They said that his social, play, speech, fine motor and cognitive skills were great, right on target. And, as we knew, he is lagging behind in his large motor skills-- about 2-3 months behind. So he is operating at a 12-13 month level instead of 15 months. But to qualify for the program, he would have to be at 11 months or younger. All in all, it was a very encouraging visit. I think that if we had done this evaluation before the ear tubes, he would have qualified, but since he got them, he has shown so much progress and "catching up" in his development. The recommendation we got was to basically do everything we have been, and keep encouraging N to be on the move. If he isn't walking by 18 months, then give them another call, but I have a feeling he will be walking sometime in August.

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