Friday, July 29, 2005

With one thing or the other, I hadn't been to the gym in about, oh, 5 months. So the plan was to start going again once we returned from California. I was further inspired after a brief conversation with E. We were sitting on the couch together, and she was taking one of my upper arms and kind of slap/smooshing it between her two hands. After 30 seconds of this she said, "Mommy, your arms feel like wet sand". I don't know what trait of wet sand she was thinking of--softness, moldability? She didn't quite know either, but she firmly pronounced them as "wet sand". Well, I have been faithfully getting the kids and myself out the door by 8 a few mornings a week so that I could go to the gym and resolve my wet sand issues. E just reassessed my arms , and to my dismay, said that they now remind her of jello. Great. I think I prefer wet sand.

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