Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Little Walker

We spent the weekend at Ed's parents' place on Tom's River. It was Sunday night and the kids were all ready for bed. I was with N on the floor, and decided that maybe we could practice walking. I placed him a couple of feet in front of me, and let go. Usually at this point he collapses to his knees and crawls toward me. For some reason, he decided to move his feet this time. One step, two, three, and he was in my arms!! I couldn't believe it, so I had him do it again, and again, soon he was walking to Grandma, E, the chair across the room. I still don't know what took him so long to decide that he would walk, but I have a feeling this is a theme we will be seeing a lot of in his life-- N will do things in his own time, in his own way, and that is all there is to it.

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