Tuesday, October 4, 2005

18 months old

N is 18 months old now. Here are his stats:

weight- 22 pounds, 4 ounces (8%)

length- 30 inches (3%)

head- 19 inches (64%)

Ok, so you might think that his head would look unbelievably big on his little body, but actually, it is proportioned correctly, because if you take age out of it, the percentiles for weight and length actually fall in the 50-75%. Which is somewhat comforting-- he might be small for his age, but at least he has normal proportions.

And he is walking (finally), and talking. He can say some form of the following words (although the average bystander wouldn't necessarily understand): Mama, Dada, E, sis, tickle, shoes, hat, please, thank-you, truck, car, ball, cup, push, plane, bye- bye, uh-oh, ow, bath, cracker/cookie.

His favorite activities include being pushed in his red car, going down slides, climbing steps, throwing (we try to encourage soft balls), baths, dancing, singing songs with hand motions- his favorite being "This little light of mine", and climbing on Holly like she is a big black mountain. He finds such joy in these things, smiling, laughing, his whole face lit up with happiness.

His least favorite things are getting out of his car, getting his diaper changed, being told "no", seeing me hold someone else (like Erika or E), and getting his hair washed. His reaction to these things is screaming and crying until he is red in the face and sweating, throwing things, and then a final backward thrust of his head and body if you are holding him, or rolling around on the floor in a tantrum. If I ignore him, he will sometimes pick himself up and go on his way, but usually he follows me around the house, snot, tears, and saliva making their way down his face onto his shirt and the floor, inconsolable until I pick him up.

Despite these fits of rage, I love this age. He is still cuddly, and baby-like, but has a small measure of independence. His features are soft and rounded, his legs, arms and belly are squeezably chubby. He walks with his legs wide apart, a little wobbly still, but with determination. I know that all too soon this will pass, and I will have a preschooler, long and lean, on the run. I will love that preschooler, but for now I want to savor this last little bit of babyhood.

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