Monday, October 3, 2005

A day in the life of Daisy

So tired. Some days are like this-go, go, go. And I didn't technically "go" anywhere today.

6:30 am -Noah and Ellie wake up. So I'm up too, after a restless night of little sleep. I decide to skip the gym today. Instead I make breakfast, take a shower, and dress the kids.

8:30 am- I take the kids outside and water the flowers. After watering, I tell E I will push her and N in the Little Tikes red and yellow car. So we go, up and down the sidewalk. It is N's new obsession. He loves being pushed in it, and E rides on top (since she is too big to sit inside).

9:00 am - I drag the car and carry N, who is screaming and kicking, up the steps. Steph arrives with Peter and Erika.

9:30 am -I put the babies down for a nap and then do the dishes and vacuum.

10:00 am- Short break, check my email--delete, delete, delete, laugh at Jess' comments on Dina's blog.

10:30 am- N is still awake (Is he trying to drop his morning nap?). Get N up, take E, Peter and N out front. Push the 3 kids up and down the sidewalk in the red car. Carry N up the steps, kicking and screaming to the backyard. Push N in the car while E and Peter play on the swingset.

11:00 am- Wake up Erika, feed her a bottle. Make lunch for the kids, force them to eat it. N refuses and sends it across the dining room. Cries, Cries, Cries (He is really tired, but it is too early for that afternoon nap).

11:30 am- Make my lunch, check the time (Is it still too early to call California?) N is still crying, hanging on me.

12:00 pm - Kids finally playing happily in the other room, I clean up after lunch.

12:30pm - I give up on N, put him in his crib where he happily curls up with his blanket and baby.

1:00pm - Feed Erika her lunch. Call Jess, who is not answering, leave a somewhat confusing message.

1:30pm - Jess calls back and I put Erika and Peter down for naps. E happily watches t.v. while I talk.

2:30pm - Aimee and Allison arrive for a playdate. N wakes up, refreshed and hungry. I feed him a snack, and talk with Aimee while the girls play.

3:00pm - Erika wakes up, Peter wakes up, everyone wants to go outside. We go out and I push N in the car. Then I fix a snack for all the kids.

4:00pm - We go back inside, clean up the toys, and Jim arrives to pick up his kids, Aimee leaves with Allison.

4:30pm - Is it really only 4:30? N is crying again. I decide to put him to bed so I can start dinner in peace. E watches a video.

5:00 pm - I start to make pasta and realize I don't have any sauce. Decide on chili instead.

5:30 pm- Call Ed, find out that he won't be home until 7:00. Get N up (who didn't sleep, but at least wasn't crying around my ankles, and seems to be happier from his little rest) Feed him as I finish up dinner.

5:45 pm - E and I eat, E doesn't like the chili-- too spicy, so I make her a PB&J sandwhich. N eats some sandwhich too.

6:15 pm - N is fussing again, and so I decide to kill some time before bed with a bath.

6:30 pm - While the kids are bathing, I clean the bathroom.

6:45 pm - Get N and E out, dress them for bed, sing songs, and put N to bed.

7:00 pm - Read to E, Ed calls and says he won't be home until 8:00. Put E to bed, clean up kitchen.

7:30 pm.- Check e-mails again. And here I am.

Where did the day go? It seems like it was full of insignificant moments, a blur of activity, a juggling act. Lord help me.

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