Monday, February 27, 2006

Settling In

Just a quick note. The move went really well. Paying movers to move all of our furniture was one of the best decisions we made!! It was well worth the money in the time, stress and "volunteer" man power it saved us. I highly recommend it to anyone moving from anything bigger than a 2brm apartment!

The kids settled in fine, and were able to find space to play in between boxes and misplaced furniture. They have even gone to bed without a fuss, which I was a little worried about since they are now sharing a room.

I even went for a walk with Holly around the reservoir, and it was beautiful, even though the wind was freezing cold. I am looking forward to the summer, to see how it looks with leaves on the trees. The kids are going to love playing in there, as well as the stream that feeds it. (I know, I promise to teach them water safety, and will be with them at all times until they know how to swim).

The next stage of our moving in process is to paint the living room so that we can move our furniture up there. Then we will work our way through the house, painting each bedroom, shifting furniture and beds room to room as we go.

I think we will be hosting a house-warming barbecue this summer (probably the last week in June) so that all of our friends can come to see it.

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