Tuesday, February 21, 2006

thoughts on moving

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Moving is a funny thing. It forces you to sift through stuff that has been buried or lost for years. I find myself getting nostalgic and weepy at the littlest thing. Yesterday I was cleaning out the changing table cabinet and found a folder that we took home from the hospital when E was in for RSV. There was a get-well card inside from Grayson. It had a picture of him sitting on their futon with their cat Peter. It was taken just a month before they moved. I haven't looked at it since tucking it away, while in the hospital. It made me miss them all over again in a fresh way. Kind of like how an ache in your joints reminds you of an old injury. I guess that I always feel this way this time of the year (the anniversary of the McCoy's move). But since we are moving ourselves, it hurt in a different, more achy way. I feel like we are finally closing that chapter of our lives. I am leaving the space where Grayson and E used to play, where they spent much of their baby and toddler years together. These walls hold those memories and in saying good-bye to them, I am saying good-bye all over again to the lives we shared with our friends, within these walls.

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