Saturday, June 24, 2006

little birdie

Yesterday as I was sitting at the computer I heard a thump against the sliding doors that leads to the back yard. At first I thought it was a ball thrown by one of the kids, but then realized they were all inside. I looked over, and saw a flurry of tiny down feathers floating to the ground. Afraid of what I'd find, I cautiously went to the door and looked out. Seeing nothing, I opened the door to further investigate. By now I was convinced that it was a bird, but was puzzled that it was not in sight. I took one last look around before turning to go back inside when I spotted it standing, mouth wide open next to my potted plants, a tufted titmouse. I quietly stepped closer and when he didn't move, I called to E and Grayson to come see. E was delighted that she could come that close to a bird, Grayson not so much. E asked if she could touch it. I wanted to see if his wing was hurt anyway, so I picked him up. He let me hold him, his mouth still wide open, but he did adjust his wings a little and they didn't seem to be hurt. I inspected him while E petted him, and Grayson watched from a safe distance. I didn't see any obvious injury, and even got him to clutch my forefinger. I could tell he was feeling better, as his mouth closed and he started to look around a little. All of a sudden with a hop and a flutter, he was off. He safely flew to a nearby pole where he collected himself before disappearing into the trees.

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