Tuesday, June 6, 2006

neighborly neighbors

I have always wanted to live in a "neighborly" neighborhood. You know, the kind that has social events like blockparties, Christmas parties, lumimnaries on Christmas Eve, etc. Our old neighborhood people pretty much kept to themselves and there wasn't much interaction.
Well, we have been so pleased with this neighborhood. The first weekend we moved in, three of our neighbors brought over a baked good and introduced themselves. Since then I have gone to a ladies Bunco night where I met about 16 of the women and had fun getting to know them. We also met a family that has children the same age and sex as ours. We have had 2 playdates with them, as well as being invited to a backyard picnic a couple of weeks ago. They are also part of the organic farm, and we will be going to pick up our shares together today.
This past Sunday was the block party. I had attended the plannning meeting and volunteered to do the face painting, as I figured that it would be a great way to meet a lot of the kids. Ed had a chance to meet some of the other men, E played with the kids, and N spent the whole time wandering around amusing himself with wagons, bikes, and watching the fire truck with great interest.

Face Painting

Fire Truck

Ring Pops

E in ambulance with her new friend, Kyra

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