Wednesday, April 25, 2007

10 Reasons why I love newborns


I forget how much I love having a newborn until I have one again. Some things I love:

1. The sweet, milky smell of their breath.
2. The coos, grunts, sighs they make when sleeping.
3. The way their backs arch when you hold them to your shoulder, so that their little bottoms stick out and their heads are nestled into your shoulder (the butt stretch)
4. The way you can find all sorts of lint clenched in their fists (if you can pry them open) I know, kind of gross, but still, only in the newborn stage.
5. The way they stare at you intensely, unblinkingly, memorizing your face.
6. The dream smiles that are a foretaste of the real smiles that are to come.
7. Their soft, snuggly bodies that melt into yours as you hold them.
8. The tiny fingernails, fingers, toes, everything
9. They are so portable, and sleep through anything
10. And of course, their yawns...


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