Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hair Brooch, anyone?

Even though it has happened twice before, I had forgotten how totally disturbing the post-baby hair loss is. The thick, lush locks I was sporting along with my taut (albeit, baby-filled) belly are now but a cruel memory. Instead, I have to clean out handfuls of hair from my shower drain, sweep up the clumps that roll around the bathroom and across my hardwood floors like tumbleweeds, find it in the tightly clenched fist of my baby, and even hidden in her diaper. I cautiously brush through my hair each morning, willing my hair follicles to keep their tenuous hold on my scalp. I peer into the mirror, trying to decide if my part is getting wider or if my temples are more exposed. I even contemplated buying "Rogaine for women" at Target, but hastily put it back when I read that you need to use it for 4 months to see results. Anyway, it also says not to use it if hair loss is due to childbirth, or if you are nursing. Then the other day my mom was telling me about how women used to brush their hair and collect the pieces from the hairbrush and make little crafts with them. Maybe I should make the most of the situation and start working on some hair jewelery

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