Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Day of Turtle Class

Although today is the official first day for N, he has had a gradual phasing in period that started last week. I went with him an hour one day, he then went for a normal day with half his class, and then today is the first day with the whole class. So far, so good. After the first morning when I left him for a brief parents' meeting, he ran to me, hugged me hello, and said,"I LOVED it!". The next day he came home and told me all about riding bikes outside, and how he had to share with Matthew, "My ride the big bike-shzzzshzzz, and then Matthew ride it. My share!"

I am glad that he is having a good time, and making friends, and I know that this is good for him, but I am not sure I am ready to "share" him. The house seems strangely empty without my boy, and I feel strange about those few hours a week that I don't know what he is doing, and I can't account for his every activity, that he has a life separate from me. He still seems so little to me, although he has made huge strides since my last post in the spring pre-baby when I worried about all the transitions. He loves his baby sister (telling me "She is so cute" several times a week, making her laugh with his jumping and silly faces, bringing her toys and giving her numerous kisses and hugs), he was pottytrained in a week (although we are still working on the night training and occasional day accidents), he sleeps on a big boy mattress (although on the floor because the kids' bedroom is still not painted, and the bed still in a box), he is working on breaking the thumb sucking habit by wearing a mitten at night and during naps, and he is starting pre-school today. I have to admit, N is growing up ("My not little! My a big boy!")

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