Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bowl Pictures

Can you guess?








Ok, I realize, not too much of a challenge-- it is kind of neat to see all 3 kids at the same age, in the same situation. Both of the girls were ok with it, and although I don't really remember E's specific reactions, she seemed to take it fine (from the pictures I have) and K was as happy as a lark. She didn't care that I was placing her in a bowl and snapping 1000 pictures (more to come), she was just interested in the flowers and leaves and how to get them into her mouth. She could have sat there all day if I gave her a steady supply of flowers and grass. As for N, I only got one non-crying pic (the first one- and you can actually see the tears in his eyes if you look closely) after that, he LOST it. He wouldn't sit up- he kept leaning back and tipping the bowl, so I couldn't get a porch picture. I also kept his diaper on for the same reason- he wouldn't sit in a "modest" position. Oh well, they are still cute, and I plan to get a triple frame to display them.

And here are my own pictures from around the same age (5 months, and 6 months). Who do you think looks most like me?

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