Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Picking

The pumpkins this year were perfect. We had a wheelbarrow full without even trying. Last year there were lots of rotten ones, but this year they were big, firm and beautiful. We ended up getting 6- 4 orange, 2 white. At the festival there were the rides you need to pay for (we did the pony ride & tot train) and then there were the freebies- cornstalk maze, sitting on the real tractor, jumping across the hay bales while listening to the live band. Although the kids had fun on the paid rides, when we asked them their favorite part of the day, it was the free stuff they listed. Maybe next year we will skip the other stuff, but probably not, since E is very into traditions and doing the same exact thing from year to year. I wonder where she got that from? ;)

N pulling his pumpkin to the wheelbarrow

Three little pun'kins

"I like this one because it has a widdle wummy (little wormy) on it!"
(giggling) "It's so cute! And tickly too!"

Hay bales

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