Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Urine Soaked Life

What? You say you don't want to watch an angsty drama about pee in the life of a suburban mom? Come on, you can picture it now, or at least I can. The soaked sheets, the sodden pull ups that leak through to the pajamas, the refusal to admit need to pee- that turns into the pee dance and continued refusal "I'm just dancing because I like to"- to the frantic run to the bathroom resulting in snaps and zippers not being opened in time- to the inevitable changing of pants that cling to the body and have to be peeled off in layers. Not to mention the bathroom-- having a just-potty-trained 3 year old means there will be misplaced spray and pee puddles at the base of the toilet, as well as pee squirted under the toilet seat through to wet the pants and underwear on the other side!! My bathroom smells like a subway tunnel and I can't get rid of the smell, no matter how many times I scrub. And this is where the turmoil of emotions come into play. Do I let them see that I am upset by all of the "accidents", my guilt at yelling and/or behaving in a passive-aggressive way towards my children, my very real anger at them when I have to change sheets at 2 am, or do my 4th load of "pee laundry" in a week- and of course their very real fear of disappointing me. Am I going to emotionally scar my children in how I react to their accidents? But if I act like it is not a big deal, will that cause them to not "try" hard enough (of course not-- it's not like they want to pee on themselves and in their beds). So the drama continues. I am going to change some wet sheets (from nap time) and do my second load of pee laundry for the day. Tune in for the next episode when I yell," Nooooo! Watch where you are aiming! Not the wall! Aaargh!"

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