Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before and After

First off, thank you for all the dieting support-- I have been doing really well. I think the first day was the hardest. Once I got some snacks that could tide me over, I was fine. I also found a lunch that I really like, and that I would eat, even if I weren't trying to lose weight. Jess had suggested that I take 1 slice of jarlsburg lite (Trader Joe's), 2 slices of turkey, and put it in 1/2 whole wheat pita with a little light mayo. I don't really like pita, so I found some whole grain tortillas with rolled oats and flax seeds at TJ's and used that instead. I also added a couple leaves of lettuce and then myself a wrap. The whole thing is about 230 calories, and delicious! So between that and the eggs for breakfast, and a morning snack of edamame, I was only at 450 calories by lunch. I then snacked on carrots and popcorn in the afternoon, and had a smaller portion of dinner than usual. I found that I wasn't really that hungry, and I would just pop a couple more carrots if I was. And for a little treat, these were awesome:
They are light and crispy, and have a very chocolately flavor that totally satisfies that craving with only a few. The serving size is 13 (110 calories), but I never ate more than 8 a day- a couple at a time, spread out in the afternoon when I needed something sweet (Thanks again, Jess for the tip!)

Anyway, the end result is that I reached my goal- 5 pounds! And if you think that title was talking about before and after shots of my mummy tummy, you've got to be kidding me! Yes, I feel like I lost a little, but I am not able to post that kind of photo yet, nor will I ever be.

I actually was talking about some yard work I did today. There is a corner of our house that we haven't gotten to in the past couple months because of our busyness. I thought I would tackle it today, since the weather was so cooperative (a cool 65 degrees). It is amazing what an hour of weeding and mulching (12 wheelbarrows full) will do:




Amy said...

Wow, congrats on the five pounds! I really need to get on the baby weight loss, too.

And your yard corner looks fabulous. Mulch really makes a difference.

EEEEMommy said...

Atta girl! On the 5 lbs and the weeding! You're putting me to shame! ;)

I think I need to make a trek up to the Northside and visit Trader Joes. :)

Craig, Judy, Andrew, & William said...

Nice job! I really admire your constitution. Garden looks great, too.

Adam and Hayley said...

Oooh, so pretty. Mulch really makes a huge difference.
Thanks for the recommendation for the lawn fertilizer. I'm definitely going to check it out, once our grass starts growing again.

And congrats on the 5lb loss! I always have a hard time not thinking "Woo! I lost weight! Lets celebrate with some ice cream!"

I've never tried the chocolate TJ's meringue, but I will have to now. Vanilla meringues have been a staple in my lose weight diet for a while. Other good and light desserts are skinny cow ice cream bars, and Popsicle brand Fudgesicles.

Soo said...

Great job on the 5 pounds!

We need to hire you to do our yard work.