Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a very busy Valentine's Day this year. Two of my sisters came in to spend time with the family, and more specifically, my dad. Julie flew in from TX with her 6 month old son, Adrian, and Katherine drove up from VA with her husband and 2 kids. Katherine and her family stayed with us, although unfortunately 75% of their family ended up being sick for most of the weekend. Even so, we had fun together.

Saturday morning I woke up early and caught the sunrise- the colors were amazing and my pictures certainly don't do it justice (if I didn't use the flash, it was blurry, if I did use the flash, it was too dark).
I popped some sticky buns in the oven, started the coffee, and waited for everyone to wake up. I had set the table the night before with heart plates and put out little gift bags with heart PEZ dispensers and small boxes of chocolates, and candy hearts. Katherine and Rusty got candy filled heart mugs, and Ed a box of chocolates hand selected by me. After breakfast, I started to prepare a french toast dish for our family brunch, and Ed ran out "mysteriously" on an errand. He returned with a beautiful arrangement of roses for me! I am pretty much of a cliche on Valentine's Day- I love getting chocolates and roses!
Some Valentine goodies

K-dressed to go in her Valentine outfit, and E's rainboots and gloves!

We left for my parents' house with our family, Katherine and TJ (Rusty and Teagan had already fallen) When we arrived, the kids played with their newest cousin, and we got ready for brunch.
E making a fruit bouquet

After eating, the kids made a valentine craft and exchanged valentines, and then the adults gathered around the table to express our appreciation for Mom and Dad, individually.
K getting into the craft

Someone is not happy

It got a little teary and heart-breaking at times, but it was really good. We then wiped our tears, and celebrated Sandy's birthday (a month late!).

We left mid-afternoon, went home to rest/nap and then everyone showed up at our house for take-out cheese steaks. Our dinner turned eventful when TJ puked at the table, but fortunately, since then, no one else has gotten sick. The evening ended quietly when everyone else had gone to bed and Ed and I exchanged Valentines (and I got my box of chocolates :)) Although our day was busy, it was a special day, spent with many loved ones. I just pray we can have another one like it next year.


chaps said...

wow, so great. You guys had a great VDay! So blessed!

Bala Waxworks said...

Between the fruit bouquet, the gourmet angelfood cake and chocolates... your Valentine's Day had plenty of favorite sweets! I'm really glad you were able to spend the extra time with your family. Tell E that we really enjoyed receiving our V-card from her. Maybe E could email me now and again just to say "Hi". What did you do w/ the hanging white hearts once they were decorated? ~luv, L

Daisy said...

Those white hearts were little bags for them to put their valentines into

MomC said...

Glad you had such a happy day with your family. Hope next year brings another. I enjoyed the pictures. MomC