Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rescue Me

We have had a lot of snow in the past couple of weeks, which has been mostly great. The kids have been sledding, making snowmen, eating snow ice cream, and enjoying time off of school (6 straight days including two snow days and a 4 day weekend!). Although they have fun playing together, it is even better when a friend or two comes to visit, so we have had several playdates to break up the 6 days of being house- bound. All in all, I was enjoying the snow, since I didn't actually have to be driving in it. Until this morning.

We had a couple of inches on the ground, with more of the white stuff still falling, but it was forecasted to stop and so school was on. I have to say that I absolutely hate driving in the snow. My van can't handle very well, and will start churning its wheels on a slick hill in a rainstorm, so you can imagine how it does in snow. So it wasn't with the best attitude that I bundled the kids into the car and made my way across town. My heart was complaining, as I would rather have stayed home. Fortunately, the main roads were fine, some slushy spots, but mostly clear. It wasn't until I turned down a side street that I realized I was in trouble. I was faced with a hill that was completely covered with snow, I couldn't turn back or around, so I went forward, hoping that I would make it to the top.

I was doing pretty well until I came upon two cars, parked on opposite sides of the street in a way that I would have to snake my way between them to get by. As I passed the second car, my rear wheels slid into a snow bank, my tires churned, and I was stuck. Completely stuck. What was I to do? I had 3 little kids in the car, and although I was a block away from the school, I couldn't walk them there safely as the sidewalks were all covered with snow. I called Ed anxiously, tearfully explaining to him the situation, but he obviously couldn't help me from his office down in Chester. I remembered my AAA membership at this point, and so I called and stated my predicament. They promised to be there in a half hour to 45 minutes. This seemed like a long time to be stuck in the car with 3 little kids. I worried that they would need to use the bathroom, or start to fuss in their seats, or even that the car would get too cold since I was almost out of gas and had turned off the engine to conserve. So I tried to move the car again, and shoveled out around the tires, but it didn't work.

I re-entered the car, discouraged and just leaned my head against the steering wheel, crying out, "I can't get the car to move! I don't know what to do!" All of sudden, a little voice piped up, "Daisy, I know what we can do!" I turned to Addie, with thoughts running through my head as to what kind of advice a 2 year old could give me in this kind of situation. "What is that, Addie?" Her sweet answer? "We can pray." All of a sudden I was humbled by this little one, reminding me of how I should have been acting from the very beginning. Instead of crying, and complaining about the situation, I should have been calm and prayerful. I turned to Addie with a smile, and agreed that we should pray.

After that, I found some knitting in my bag and KK suggested that we sing "Jesus Loves Me". As we sang, I reflected on the truths expressed in the words, and it calmed my spirit. I wasn't helpless. I was weak, but He is strong. I knew I had no control over my circumstances right now, but I did have control over how I responded to it.

As promised, it wasn't long before the tow truck came. When I saw it, I cried out,"Look! There is the truck! Jesus answered our prayers!" The driver came around the side of the car to talk to me, and then started towing us out. Addie must have been thinking hard about the way we were rescued, because she she asked with a note of wonder in her voice, "Is that God?" Her sweet innocence made me smile as I responded, " No, that isn't God, but He sent that man to help us."

I was reminded of Psalm 34:7 today "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him and he delivers them." Sometimes the way God delivers us from trouble is obvious- a towtruck, pulling you out of a snowdrift. Other times the trouble is in your own heart, and the Lord delivers you from your sin. To my complaining, fearful heart he sent help in the form of a couple of two year old girls, reminding me of where to turn when I didn't know what to do, and also of His love for me.


Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Oh, sweet little voices! So glad you are all OK!

The Family K. said...

Great testimony. Thanks for sharing it.

EEEEMommy said...

That was beautiful!!! You've put tears in my eyes once again, dear friend! :)

The Moser Family said...

well said. thanks for sharing your story! sorry you had to experience the difficulty.