Sunday, June 20, 2010


For the past 3 summers we have combined the kids' birthdays and thrown a joint family birthday party. This year we had a Fiesta!

I decorated with chili pepper lights on the patio, and a "Fiesta" banner that went around the tree grove in the middle of our yard. I also hung little paper lanterns to our mulberry tree to add to the festive feel, not because they were a part of the theme. As guests arrived, there was an assortment of Mexican sodas and fruit juices on the beverage table, and dip, salsa and guacamole on the patio table. This staved off their hunger as I was working madly in the kitchen with various guests who offered their services on arrival. We chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and carrots for toppings. We cooked up ground beef for tacos, as well as chicken for fajitas. After about an hour and a half (oops, I guess I could have planned better and done some more prep work the day before!!) dinner was served.

Following dinner, the kids played a "musical sombrero" game which got a little aggressive at points (ripping the hat band off of one of the hats in one final struggle for the win). Unfortunately I
thought I purchased a CD with fiesta music when I placed my order with Oriental Trading for the banner, lights, and sombreros, but apparently I didn't make it into the order, so I ended up using a CD that didn't exactly fit thematically. I don't think they cared- they just wanted the silly bands that I was handing out as prizes!

After the sombrero game, the kids were ready for the pinata. We hit it in age order, starting with my 3 and then going from the youngest on up. It lasted until my 8 year old nephew Peter got a hold of the stick and ripped the poor donkey's head off!

We then sang Happy Birthday to the kids as they "pretended" to blow out the candles on their sombrero cake. The breeze prevented us from actually lighting them, and although N and E caught on, K looked a little confused "
What do you want me to blow out?".

After cake and presents, guests started to leave, and I turned to the monumental task of cleaning up. Yes, the parties are fun, but I am so glad we only do it once a year. That bouncy place is looking better and better to me!

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Keshabell32 said...

That is a great idea,to combine all of your birthdays into one big soiree. With five kids, that would save me time and money. Looks you guys had a great time, too.