Friday, June 18, 2010

End of the Year

I posted a status on facebook last week about the end of the school year always bringing a lump to my throat. It is exciting to have the summer ahead of us, but a part of me always gets a little sad at thinking that the year is over, the time my kids have with each teacher is done. Each year we have been blessed with fantastic teachers and our kids have really blossomed and grown. I was especially nervous about N and his teacher this year. Although I had heard wonderful things about him, part of me wanted N to have a woman teacher, to have that nurturing motherly influence.
first day of school

I have to say that Mr. F really did live up to all the hype. He was great with all the kids, and really taught them a lot. I am amazed at how much N learned. He barely knew his alphabet when he started, much less the sounds, no matter how much I worked with him. He can now read simple books, and write his "kid writing" stories.

I also love the relationship he formed with his teacher. Mr. F got a kick out N's personality, and actually did have a more tender side in caring for N when he was upset, hurt, or needed encouragement. It was neat to see the bond that formed between the two of them,
last full day of school

and I think I will miss having Mr. F teach N almost as much as N will.

As for E, she also had an awesome teacher who really pulled the class together, focusing on the team aspect of sharing a year together. E was able to let her gifts shine in academic areas, as well as experience growth in learning to be bold and speak out when needed. Every year E is sad at leaving her teacher behind, but this year was especially hard for her. I found her the morning of the last day of school under her covers, crying her eyes out. She loves her teacher so much, she hated to say good-bye. I really felt for her, and although it was hard to see her so sad, it is good because I know that she would always remember 3rd grade, and the impact this teacher had on her will last a lifetime. On a bright note, we think N might be placed with her next year, as she is moving down to first grade!

first day of 3rd grade

end of 3rd grade

Despite the initial melancholy over the year being over, we have all bounced back, and are ready to embrace the summer season with it's fireflies, pool trips, ice cream, late bed times, and days at the beach. Let the summer begin!


chaps said...

such sweet kids, and what wonderful, dedicated teachers!

Joe said...

That is so awesome to hear about your kids! Treasure your time with them. Children are a blessing.