Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writing Camp

E has always been a writer, ever since she could put together letters into words she has written stories, letters, journals. So it didn't surprise me when E's teacher recommended that she attend a writing camp this summer. We signed her up for one that was called "Nature Journaling" that took place on the grounds of Highland Mansion. She will never be a kid who would go to a soccer or basketball camp, running around in the hot sun. And I have to say, in this she is my daughter. I knew that she would enjoy writing camp, because I would have loved it myself. My sisters and I were laughing, because they could never imagine wanting to go to a writing camp and I could never imagine wanting to go to a sports camp. What is a fun time to them is torture for me, and vice versa. Anyway, E was in her element as each morning she had different lessons that incorporated both writing and drawing.

The last day of camp the parents were able to come and take a tour of the grounds, which
I was excited about, since we hadn't been able to when we went there for our family photo shoot. I loved walking around and taking pictures, and E loved giving us the tour. It would be a great place for a wedding/reception, I will have to file this away for the future.


The Family K. said...

It's great that you recognize your children's gifts and cater to them. The camp sounds fun. They should make a version for adults.

The Highlands is such a great site for inspiration, as I see you also found behind your camera. Love the shot of the cogs. You've got a good eye.

Bala Waxworks said...

Wow, some of the scenery looks like it ought to be captured "hollywood style" for a great fairy tale storyline! So cool that E enjoys writing at an early age. I developed the same interest in 3rd grade due to a very inspirational teacher. I still can recall many of the "short-story" journal entries and creative writing assignments from that year. It was one of my favorite school years "hands-down" :)

Larry said...

Totally awesome - where is this place??

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