Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ear Tubes

Last week we went to the ear doctor, and although N did not have any hearing loss, the doctor recommended that he get tubes to help with drainage and ventilation. This was an answer to prayer, because we had heard that there was no way that a doctor would put ear tubes in, this early in the game. Usually they want to see the kids over a period of time, and put them on daily antibiotics to control the fluid. In fact, the doctor suggested the antibiotics first, but I said that I wasn't interested in that. Wonderfully, he agreed with me, and was willing to put in the ear tubes. So we got scheduled for today at 10:45 for the operation.

N was on a fast since dinner last night. This morning he woke up and was allowed to have jello and apple juice, until 8:45 when we were to stop all fluids. I think he was a little bothered at not having any breakfast, but endured it with some whining and clinging. We (N, my mom, and me) left for the doctor's office at 10:15, and arrived in time, but there was a delay, so we waited around until 11:30 before we were taken back to pre-op. Once there, we dressed N in his gown and they weighed him (21 lbs) and measured him (28 1/4 inches). Then he played with some toys and watched a video. He was very good, although he wanted me to hold him most of the time, as he sucked his thumb. About 20 minutes before he went back, he drank a mixture of tylenol and sedative that was supposed to relax and calm him. The effect it had on him was to make him more smiley and interactive with the nurses and anesthesiologist. He wasn't as clingy and he went with the nurses with just the smallest whimper, not his usual cries and bright red face. My mom and I went to the family waiting area, and they gave us some snacks and drinks while we waited. Before we knew it, in about 15 minutes, the surgeon came out, and told us that everything went well, and that N was doing great. We were able to join him in the post-op recovery area. He was lying on his bed, sucking his thumb, and after a couple of minutes he woke up.

Some children wake up from anesthesia in a tantrum stage, kicking and screaming, but fortunately, N just wanted to be held.
So I rocked him and he woke up slowly. He drank some pedialyte, and we were given post-op instructions, and then were able to go home. It was all very quick, and easy. The doctors and nurses were absolutely wonderful, kind, friendly and caring.

This whole experience has been such a testimony to God's goodness and grace in N's life. Every step of the way he has opened doors and made the way clear, largely through friends. A big part was my next-door neighbor, Phyllis, who works at the office. From the beginning she moved our appointment from August to last Friday. She then scheduled us for his operation in record time (only 4 days from our initial exam). She waited with us in the waiting rooms, calmed our fears, talked us through the procedure, introduced us to everyone. Finally, as we were leaving today I was trying to make our 4-6 week follow up visit. The receptionist told me there were no appointments before September 19th. I decided to not make an appointment at all, because I didn't see the point of coming in 4 months from now for a post-op visit. Before we left, I went to say good-bye and thank-you to Phyllis, and she asked if I made the appointment. I explained the situation, and she went on her computer and scheduled us in for mid July! Just amazing-- I am so thankful for her and how she has helped us out in so many ways. We were originally looking at autumn before he would get the tubes in, and now, in less than two weeks from the original pediatrician's visit, we are done. Then there were friends who kindly watched E for me at last minute notice, and also, Ed's mom was able to watch Peter and Erika today. And I can't forget Jess, who helped to educate me on ear infections and ear tubes so that I would know to ask for the operation, over the antibiotics. So as you can see, God's hand can be clearly seen in this situation, working to put everything in place from start to finish so that our baby's ears could get better. I am so blessed and thankful to him for working this out. I am overwhelmed with his goodness and mercy.

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