Monday, May 9, 2005

Mother's Day '05

I am so thankful to the Lord that he has entrusted me to be a mother to these two little ones. I can remember a Mother's Day not too long ago when I despaired of ever having children, and now I am doubly blessed with two.

Below is a poem that was sent to me:

A Mother’s Prayer

Please forgive all those things I found out late:

Crayons can be eaten,

Child proofs caps are easily taken,

A full night’s sleep is not important,

And little ones will quickly grow

(although the days were long Lord)

But most of all please forgive my lack of faith

The many times and days

I misunderstood your kind and perfect ways

And lived in unbelief and fear

(although the days were full of you Lord)

Now take my feeble efforts Lord

And bless them with your grace

We stand together in the sinner’s place

Please fill us now with faith

(fill our days with you Lord)

Barbara Juliani

May 7, 2005

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