Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Women's Retreat '05

Well, for anyone who was wondering, the women's retreat went really well. Aimee and I rode down and roomed together. We were next door to the other women in our mini church (Amy, Mardel (and Owen), Laura, and Grace) and our "sister" minichurch (Lise, Tanya, Stephanie, Rachel, and Ya-Ling). So that meant that we were all in the same small group together. We also got "our" rooms in the Bayview- the second floor suite. Mardel & co. were in that room, on account of Owen.

Anyway, after we arrived we got settled in and then went to the first meeting at 8:30. Afterwards was social time in the "canteen". We then returned to the suite to hang out, eat snacks, and play Dutch Blitz. We went to bed around 12:30. The next morning we had a meeting, and then our small group time before lunch. After lunch I napped a little, started reading Heavenly Man, and then joined some of the others who were in the suite to talk and hang out until dinner ( I also got to work on some pages in my 2002 scrapbook). After dinner we had the evening meeting. The worship, as usual, was wonderful. We then had another small group meeting in our suite until about 10 and then we played games for about an hour. Aimee and I then decided we were tired and returned to our rooms to go to bed "early". But once in bed, we started to talk and didn't stop until 2 a.m. It's funny how the dark does that to you. It's definitely the "sleep-over syndrome". The next morning Aimee and I left after breakfast, since she had to get home to go to her grandmother's funeral.

When I arrived at home, I couldn't wait to see my two little ones. E was so surprised and happy to see me. N acted like he didn't notice I had been gone. In fact, he was completely UNtraumatized by weaning and separation. I was glad that he was happy for Ed, and that all my worrying was for nothing. It was nice to get away for the weekend, but it is even nicer to be back with my family.

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