Friday, August 12, 2005


Friday, 12 August 2005

Most of the day today was spent in preparation for our vacation. Vacations are hard work!! I am the one who is responsible for remembering everything and packing for everyone, and it is a lot to do. I remember when I was growing up all I had to do was pack my little duffle bag of clothes, and a backpack of activities for the car- I had no idea how much work my mom had to do to get us ready to go. It seems each year we have more stuff, thank goodness we have a mini-van!

Well, we will be off tomorrow morning, hopefully around 4am. To all those who know, the island is cut off from any kind of modern amenities (electricity, flush toilets, Internet), so I will give you the full scoop when we return. Pray for us- safety in the car and on the island, and that all runs smoothly (you don't know what stress is until you are stranded on an island with no way to get back to the mainland), and that we will enjoy our time together as a family.

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