Wednesday, December 21, 2005

big decisions

Well, I know this will seem a little surprising after my last post, but Ed thought alot over the weekend, made a major amortization spreadsheet that covered every possiblity of interest rates, taxes, prices, fees, monthly payments, etc., etc. And decided that we should go for it. He explained to me that if the interest rates went up .25 percent, it would be the same as spending another 10,000 anyway, so we might as well accept the offer now (seeing that interest rates are going up, and there is no guarantee the house will be there later at the lower price we wanted). So we now have a January 31st settlement date, unless something horrible shows up in the home inspection (after which I will post pictures)!!

So seriously, if anyone knows anyone who wants to buy in Glenside, we are putting the house on the market the first weekend in January for $235. Four bedrooms, one bath, lots of new paint, and a beautiful backyard to name a few features. Let me know...

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