Monday, December 5, 2005

More car troubles:

1. Apparently (unbeknownst to me) when PepBoys installed our battery they disconnected a wire that enabled the automatic doors to work. So after a week of struggling with trying to open the doors manually (which is very difficult if the doors are automatic, there is a lot of resistence), I decided the problem might not resolve itself, so I took the van to the local Honda Dealership. Well, after 4 hours of labor (at $90/hr) they figured out the problem and fixed it. Now I am stuck with a $380 bill which I am trying to get PEP Boys to pay. Coincidentally, every time I have called them, the manager is busy, left early, coming in late, and as of today, off until Wednesday.

2. On the way to Jim and Steph's house today to watch the kids I was coming up behind a van that was turning left and my car slid slightly on ice. I was going slowly enough, and had started applying the brakes early enough that disaster was averted... for 10 seconds. As I watched in my rear view mirror the van behind me kept coming, and swerving, and rear-ended me. Everyone was fine-- we had just left a school zone and were traveling pretty slowly, but the right rear bumper has some damage. So although I don't have to pay to have the car fixed, I will have to drop it off at some point and be inconvenienced by the repair time, for a couple of days. But on the plus side, it is the same side that was hit by the TJ's shopping cart!

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