Friday, December 16, 2005


What a day! We waited until about 12 to hear from the sellers about our offer. Our realtor said that they actually received 2 offers, but wanted to work with us, so they countered at 15,000 above our offer. We said that our offer was firm, but we would negotiated an earlier settlement if they wanted. Around 5:30 we heard from our realtor again, and they had dropped another 5,000, with a settlement date of Jan. 15th (Yikes!!), but we were still firm on our initial offer. Our realtor then told us that they have decided to keep the house on the market through January, and see if they can get more money. If not, they may come back to us.

So, no new house, but I feel a real sense of peace about it. We have been praying through this whole process for the Lord to make it very clear to us if we should have this house or not. And since we were not financially able to meet their price, it is very clear that for today, at least, the house is not ours. I am a little sad that the house that seemed so perfect to us probably won't be ours, but I am so thankful that God answered our prayers and made the decision very easy for us.

Well, at least we don't have to work like crazy people over the holidays trying to get our house in selling shape by New Years. We will have the time to work at a reasonable pace, and maybe even sell our house in the spring when our garden will be at its best!

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