Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dental Woes

Last week E had her 6 month dental checkup and Dr. Patel found a cavity in the pit of her back molar. She said that E's oral hygiene was great, but she has deep grooves, and with little kids their enamel is thin, so the combination gave her a cavity. We were then given a name of a pediatric dentist that would be able to take care of her in a child -friendly way. Well, we went this morning, and after taking x-rays of her teeth, Dr. Neil found not one, but 6- and possibly 8- cavities. WHAT??

The waves of guilt, and regret and feeling sorry for what she will have to go through in the next month and a half swept over me and Ed. She will have to have 4 visits, one a week, where they will take care of the cavities. It will be about $1200- $1500 worth of work. Yikes! Dr. Neil did say that there was really nothing we could have done to prevent this, except floss. But we never even thought to floss her teeth, I mean, who flosses a preschooler's mouth?

Well, I then had a dentist appointment later in the morning and was telling them the result of Ellie's visit. They looked at my records and interestingly enough I had 6 cavities at her age, in the same teeth. Weird, huh? So the poor girl has inherited my teeth, and not her father's.

Here is an appropriate article that I got in my email today. Strange coincidence.

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