Wednesday, January 11, 2006

house news

Ok, now that things have calmed down around here, I may be able to get back to regular posting.

We finished work on our house around midnight Jan 2nd. The day had been spent cleaning, clearing out, and setting up. It was an 18 hour marathon. The next day, the realtors came through to ckeck out the house, and the photographer took pictures for the website. Then on Thursday it listed, and we had our first showing Friday. We had 3 more on Saturday, 2 more on Sunday (including a repeat), one on Monday, and two yesterday. We got a full price bid on Monday night, that we accepted and signed the papers for last night!! Thank the Lord that it was quick!! Do you know how hard it is to keep the house clean with little children around, plus getting them out the door wilthout pulling out all the pieces to all the puzzles and games the last 5 minutes? Let me tell you, the TV was such a help-- "No, you can not play with your toys. Get back up on the couch and watch the tv!" Seriously, I found myself saying those words.

But now I don't have to keep the house as neat as a pin any longer (although I have to admit it was nice living without all the clutter and mess). Settlement on the new house is Jan 31, settlement on this house is Feb 28, which gives us one month to rip out carpets, clean duct work, clean, paint, pack and move. So I will take this calm spot the next few weeks and savor it, before we are caught up once again in activity and craziness.

See our house at its sparkliest!

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