Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Birthday Girl

After what seems to be like forever to E, she is now the big 5. She has been looking forward to this birthday a long time, especially after one of her friends turned 5, and she was left behind in the babyish 4 ("Mommy, I want to be five because it is a big girl number. Four is for babies"). We celebrated with a princess party with 5 of her friends on Saturday. Although the party was all that she had wished for- making of wands and crowns, a pinata, princess cake, gifts, etc., there were a few tears shed on her part when things didn't go exactly as she wanted them to. She experienced some disappointment when she didn't get the exact color flower to put on her wand that she wanted, and when she only got 2 pieces of candy from the pinata. But opening presents did cheer her up and the day ended on the plus side after all was said and done.

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