Wednesday, October 18, 2006

16 Weeks

and all is well.

Thank you for everyone who has been asking. I feel like a normal person again!! It is actually hard for me to believe that I am pregnant, I feel so normal, except for this little growing bump across my middle. A few weeks ago, when I lay down my "belly" would disappear, but now there is this little hill that won't disappear, no matter how much I suck in my breath.

I can also eat again, which is a great relief. There is a lingering weird mouth taste, but chewing on some peppermint gum seems to do the trick. So Josh, Susie, we should plan a Korean restaurant night. That is, Sue, if you can stomach it?!

As for the "glow" some of you mentioned, maybe it has less to do with my being pregnant, and more to do with the much needed haircut I had last Saturday. I have been feeling so mommy-ish lately. My hair was too long, and I was well past the time when I should have colored my hair. I would look in the mirror and just look at myself in despair, wondering when I had "let myself go". I was going around in a braid or ponytail most of the time. So it was wonderful to have several inches cut off, layers added, and a fresh color to brighten my hair. Plus it was a bonus to have two hours to myself on a Saturday morning to read magazines!! It makes me think I should do this more often than twice a year...

And I have my energy back, which means I still need the occasional afternoon nap, but I can now also use that time for home improvement projects. Ed and I finished up our room and moved in last week. He had done all the spackling, priming, and painting while I just came in at the end for the trim work. So all the credit really goes to him for how great the room looks. I am ready to move onto the next bedroom, realizing that we have a six month deadline that is soon becoming five, and I am getting a little nervous about getting it all done. Maybe my nesting is kicking in a little early!


Also, Funyuns are definitely underrated as a snack food. They really do put the "Fun" into onions. I am embarrassed to admit I have devoured an entire bag in the past two days. 8 servings. Calories and fat galore, that are not benefitting the baby or me. Oh well, they sure were tasty. Time for some mint gum!!!

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