Monday, October 9, 2006

Time with my boy

Monday, 09 October 2006

I rarely get to spend alone time with N, but today was an exception. I didn't have Erika (because her dad had a school holiday), or E (because she didn't), so N was my only child. It was really nice to enjoy him without the distractions of other children. It is also one of those perfect fall days when the morning was cool, but it warmed up nicely as the day progressed. So after lunch N, Holly and I took a walk down to the pond. As usual, N held a running commentary on everything that we saw and did.

"Leaves, fall? Tree, so high?"
100_2686 "Ducks, here?"100_2687

Looking at the ants ("Oooh! Look! Ants!")

Throwing rocks ("N?..strong?...big?...rock?")
100_2694 100_2693

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