Wednesday, January 31, 2007

31 Weeks

Hard to believe that we are about two months away from the arrival. Two months seems like a long time, but when I look at the tobacco stained, unpainted baby room I think that it is not long enough. Each time we have had a baby there has been last minute painting and set-up in preparation for the newest family member. I guess I will find myself painting once again in the ninth month. Plus we need to move Noah out of the crib and into a bed (which we have ordered, but won't arrive for a couple more weeks). And then find and purchase dressers and book shelves for the kids' room. I am absolutely itching to get out my bin of baby clothes, launder and put them away but that will obviously be the very last step. So a lot to do in the next 9+/- weeks.

On the other side, my due date can't come quickly enough. At least when the baby is here, my sleepless nights will have a purpose, other than my middle of the night internet time. Also, I am actually excited about meeting this new little one. I know, I AM surprised at this! With E I couldn't wait, knew I would love her at first sight, the nine months couldn't pass quickly enough. With N I knew with my head that I would love him immediately, but it was hard for me to believe that I could love another child as much as I loved E. So I spent much of my pregnancy feeling a little unsure of my feelings for the baby within, and how it would all end up in the end, not as eager to meet him. As if my love were a pie, cut up and the pieces already distributed. This time I know with my head and my heart that I will love her, and already do. Thankfully, Love is not a pie.

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