Thursday, February 8, 2007

32 Weeks

I went to have my 6th ultrasound of this pregnancy yesterday. My placenta has moved enough (2cm) that I will not need a c-section, so that is a praise, I think?! I know, the recovery time is supposed to be so much better and quicker with a "natural" birth, but when I think of facing those long hours of labor, the idea of a quick cut and the baby is here sounds pretty nice.
The baby was lying in a "transverse" position-- head on my right side, back curled to the top of my belly, butt on the left, so we couldn't get a look at the face. It was also hard to see anything, really, since she is starting to get crammed in there. But we found out that she is about 4 lbs, 7 oz, which isn't really a solid number. But if it is true, I'm hoping she doesn't gain much more than a half a pound a week between now and delivery.

In other news, today I took the kids to the dentist, it was N's first visit. We talked about it all morning, and then he watched E getting her teeth cleaned. He was very good during the exam. He had a serious, watchful look the entire time, but obediently opened his mouth when asked, and even smiled a couple of times. As I suspected, his intense thumb-sucking is taking a toll on the roof of his mouth and front teeth. The dentist said not to worry about it yet, and maybe after his next visit, in 6 months, try to start weaning him from his thumb. Poor N, this will be a challenging 6 months ahead for him-- new big boy bed, new baby sister, potty training, starting preschool AND having to give up his beloved thumb. Any tips on the process are welcome!

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