Wednesday, February 28, 2007

35 Weeks, 35 days to go

Can I just wake up and it be say, May?
I always find February to be the longest month of the year, and this year it seemed to drag on FOREVER. It didn't help that I was sick almost the entire month with one cold after another, but the cold weather, being cooped up indoors, yuck. I would look at pictures from last spring and summer to give me hope of green grass and flowers coming again. I even planned out my garden last week, and ordered a ton of flowers online (Ed is not looking forward to the backbreaking work I have "planned" for him!)
But seriously, if I could just skip the next couple of months, especially the day I give birth, and wake up to a world of green grass, flowers, baby in my arms... it all sounds very appealing to me. Since that is not to be, I enter this last month of pregnancy, last month of winter with my eyes set on the prize.

35 more days!!

Ok, here is something weird--
(I get babycenter updates on N as well as the baby)
Since it is exactly one month until N's birthday, on this day he is 35 months old, I am 35 weeks pregnant, and have 35 days until my due date-- strange coincidence?!

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