Monday, February 19, 2007

Awake Again!

Yes, it is once again the middle of the night and I am up. But it is the first night in about 5, so I can't complain. Even though the last four nights were a drug-induced slumber. About a two weeks ago I caught a cold that started out as a sore throat, seemed to disappear after a couple of days, and came back full force by the end of that first week. It settled into my chest and I felt like I was living with a never ending cough. It kept me up half the night for several nights on end. My stomach muscles felt like they were being torn in two (as they are already stretched to the limit), when I would have uncontrollable coughing fits. Fortunately, my mom was able to step in a couple of days to help take care of N, make me chicken soup, and just let me rest. By Wednesday though, I was desperate, so at my OB visit I asked my doctor if there was anything stronger than Robitussin that I could take, because it was doing nothing for me. She gave me a prescription for codeine, and it was a blessed relief. I still coughed a bit at the start of the first couple of nights, but was able to settle down and sleep deeply the remainder, although I woke up feeling a little groggy for the first couple of hours the next morning (a small price I was more than willing to pay). So anyway, last night/tonight I didn't take it, since my cough has pretty much cleared up. And although I miss that deep sleep, I am thankful I am well enough not to need the medicine. It seems I got better just in time for E to get sick (I hear her coughing upstairs right now). Will this ever end?

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